Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 8

Today we discuss:

Unsecured server exposes 157GB of highly sensitive data from Tesla and Toyota. A company called Level One Robotics

Bluetooth Vulnerability

iPhone Hacking Campaign Using MDM Software is Broader than Previously Known


Head of Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Pleads Guilty to US Charges – BitFunder

Tron Foundation Acquires BitTorrent and uTorrent

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Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 7

Episode 7 we discuss:

Circumventing 2-Factor for O365

The LabCorp attack was actually a Ransomware attack:

Singapore Healthcare hack leaked 1.5 million patient’s data

How Google stopped employee phishing:

The release of Ripple Lite:

Coinbase Acquisition?

Google, Facebook Ad Ban Reversal Fuels Coinbase Acquisition Rumors

ETH based game called FOMO

Another Blockchain based game

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Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 6

On Episode 6 we discuss:

Singapore’s Largest Healthcare Group Hacked

Russian hackers hacked 3 2018 Midterm Election Candidates

New ERC-20 Token taking over. ZIL

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Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 5

Episode 5 of the Cybersecurity & Cryptocurrency Podcast we discuss:

LabCorp Cyber Attack:

Using Blockchain for Identity Management:

Coinbase Trio Acquisition and potential new coins listing
New coins are Stellar, Cardano, 0x, Basic Attention Token, and Zcash.
Acquisitions include Digital Wealth LLC, Venovate Marketplace Inc, and Keystone Capital Corp.

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Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 4

We discuss a recent Business Email Compromise that happened at my job and the lessons I learned from it. We also discuss personal security when traveling, VPN services, and Password Managers.

We discuss SmartCash mining issues with Claymore, starting your own ERC-20 Token, and recent trends in cryptojacking malware.

Business Email Compromise Article:

Password managers:

Personal VPN Services:

Making your own ERC-20 Token:

My GitHub script for removing emails from Office 365:

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Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 3

Today’s episode we will discuss the additional findings from the TimeHop breach, Business Email Compromise costs, and President Trump’s response to his DNC server that went missing.

In Crypto News, we’ll discuss recent market trends, Ethereum’s transaction spikes and my mining rig.

Cybersecurity article links:

Cryptocurrency article links:

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Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 2

Ticketmaster Hack with widely used tools. RiskIQ says it has identified malicious code within a different third-party marketing and analytics service used by Ticketmaster. The service is developed by a company called SociaPlus.
“This supplier was also breached by the Magecart actors, and the scripts they served to customers were modified on subdomains specifically set up for Ticketmaster as a customer,” RiskIQ says. “We observed instances in December 2017 through January 2018 where the Magecart skimmer was added to one of the SociaPlus scripts and subsequently injected into multiple Ticketmaster websites.”

Cryptocurrency Exchange Developer Bancor loses 23.5 Million. Based on the currently published details, it seems that the Bancor hack was enabled by permissioned backdoors that were put in the smart contracts by the team, and were presumably compromised by the attackers.

Hospital diverts ambulances due to ransomware attack – Missouri county medical center. Happened on a Monday at 11am and that Wednesday they were only 70% restored.

Timehop breach – 21 million users are affected by a breach that exposed names, email addresses, access tokens and for some users, phone numbers. Someone obtained valid user credentials for an administrator account and then used those credentials to log into Timehop’s cloud services provider. The unauthorized user created a new administrator account and then began doing reconnaissance, Timehop says in a technical write-up.
“For the next two days, and on one day in March 2018 and one day in June 2018, the unauthorized user logged in again and continued to conduct reconnaissance,” the company says.

Multi-factor Providers:

How-to articles for setting up 2-factor:

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Cyber & Crypto Podcast – Episode 1

I’m taking my 2 favorite topics and starting a podcast to discuss all things cybersecurity and cryptocurrency. This is a quick episode to get things off the ground so I can learn how to post these podcasts to the various podcast platforms. The intro episode includes my background and my passion for cyber and crypto topics. I hope you enjoy it.

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